Q: Where are your classes located?
A: Classes are held in my home sewing studio in Maple Valley, Washington

Q: What ages do you teach?
A: My classes are aimed at 5 or older, but I have taught some 4 year olds. If you feel that your 4 year old will enjoy it I recommend signing up! I meet the kids at their level so they can enjoy their project. Most 4-6 year olds need help with cutting out fabric.

Q: Do the classes have pre-requisites?
A: No! You can do any class as I accept all levels in all my classes. The stuffed animal class is my most basic and the one I recommend starting with. Beginners are more than welcome in a level III class.

Q: Will each participant have their own sewing machine?
A: All participants will have their own sewing machine to work on. Unless specified in the class description.

Q: I don’t see a class listed that I’m interested in. How can I sign up?
A: I will list classes quarterly. I try to add new things with the seasons. If you want to request a specific class please reach out. I’m flexible and able to add classes in or change things around to accommodate.

Q: Can I drop off? Or stay?
A: It is completely up to you if you drop off or stay. I’m always happy to have parents observe! Most classes are 2+ hours so you are also welcome to take that time for yourself! The time flies while we complete projects.

Q: Will you hem or alter things for me?
A: Currently I am only teaching lessons and doing custom costumes and projects. Feel free to reach out and ask, but I may not have the capacity to do it timely.

Q: Do you teach adults?
A: Yes adults are welcome to join their kids in a lesson. Popular ones are making Aprons or PJs . I also teach adults and do sewing machine setups in your home if you are 20 miles radius of Maple Valley, WA. In these classes I can help you with a project, or I bring a small project to work on.