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Make yourself a unique one of a kind Bunny Silly Friend!
Almost all the sewing is done for you simply stuff with provided stuffing, cut out a heart and stuff inside too!  Then you can get as creative as you want designing a nose, eyes, and whiskers for your bunny all cut out from iron on felt fabric.

Ideas: You can do circle eyes, or moon shaped with eyelashes, one big and one small, an alien bunny with one eye, sunglasses, a heart nose, a triangle nose, get as creative as you can, you can do bunny teeth, or braces, oh the possibilities are endless!  The face details all can be cut out and ironed on. No one will have a Bunny like yours when you are done.

This kit comes with:
1 pre-sewn but un-stuffed animal (made with soft cozy fleece)
lots of stuffing to fill it up
red felt fabric to cut out a heart to stuff inside
needle and thread to sew up the small stuffing hole
iron on felt to design eyes, nose, and whiskers.
written instructions

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White, Gray, Light Brown, Maroon


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