About Me

My name is Ceci and I started Frogdog studio years ago when I started making costumes for my kids and other friends and family. It all started really when my 2 year old daughter insisted on being BOTH a Frog and a DOG. I didn’t understand what she meant at first, but soon realized she wanted to be a Dog in a frog costume. Something that cannot be found in a store and must be home made!

I’ve been in business for a year and growing by positive feedback and word of mouth has been such a blessing! I still take custom orders and LOVE creating unique costumes but this year I have added on teaching kids how to sew.

I absolutely adore teaching because it is so wonderful to share my passion for sewing, but I also see such value in enabling young kids with the confidence to create, make mistakes (yes we make mistakes!), and repair. Our world is moving away from a disposable culture and growing into a beautiful space where we are learning to mend and care for the items we have. When you make something by hand you treasure it and love it in a way that is unlike anything in our consumer culture. This pride comes naturally; Make it and LOVE IT.

Kids pick up sewing so quickly! I know it is a skill that when they come back to it as an adult it will be just like “riding a bike” ; muscle memory that they won’t forget. Kids creativity is explosive and I always empower and guide them to create to their hearts content! ❤️ Hope to see you all in future classes!
I have three young kiddos, three cats, and an amazing husband. When I’m not sewing, I love the outdoors, yoga, running, camping, and playing the drums.